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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Style | 3.29.17

Hey friends!

Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far? We've been super busy around here with work so I really treasure the weekends, because that's when Fred and I get to spend time together and just do whatever we want. We've had some really fun weekends this month... bike rides, macaron and coffee dates, a St.Patrick's Day parade, window shopping, antique shopping, etc. I can't even remember them all! But it's been so so fun! I'm so thankful for those adventures and those times.

 We've been getting a glimpse of some warmer, sunny spring weather and I could not be happier! I'm ready for all the flowers to bloom and I want to wear my new open-toe shoes without my feet freezing off. (I know, I know definitely a first world problem.)

Today has been so great! Fred had a late start time for work (which has never happened) so he made us breakfast! We had bagels, hash browns, scrambled eggs and sausage. I'm not really a sausage fan so I only ate a few bites haha but that's what we had! It was all really yummy. He also made us coffee and we got to just chill, sip our drinks, read our devotional together and even hang outside in the sunshine for a bit before he had to leave for work.

 I hope you're all spending some time today cultivating joy & enjoying the moment you're in!


Christina xx

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Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.
Jeremiah 1:5

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Home | Spring Cleaning Tips To Liven Up Your Space!

Hi friends!

I wanted to share some of my favorite tips this season to liven up your living space! In recent years, I've actually come to enjoy spring cleaning because of the fresh start it gives. I really enjoy knowing what I have and where it is in my home! Believe it our not, it can be fun to organize your stuff! I think it helps to take it room by room, or project by project. Spring cleaning can instantly feel overwhelming if you try to take on everything at once. That's why my number 1 tip is to start with a handy planner, so you can keep track of your lists, progress and hopes for your space!

How are you cleaning your space? Do you have any tips that you've found to be really helpful in the spring cleaning process? If you're interested in reading mine, just keep on scrollin'!

Happy Cleaning!


Christina xx

1. Get Organized With A Planner! Download a FREE Spring Cleaning Planner from Living Well, Spending Less, Inc.!
Before you can start spring cleaning your space, you've gotta get organized!
The Spring Cleaning Planner is the perfect resource to help you get your house in ship-shape this spring.  For a limited time, get it free from Living Well Spending Less®--just their little way of saying Happy Spring! Get yours here!

Are you a Clean Colleen, or a Messy Jessi? Take this short and simple free quiz assessment from Living Well Spending Less® and discover your cleaning personality! Take it here
I'm not surprised, I got Disorganized Debbie! But I'm workin' on it! What's your cleaning personality?

2. Minimize & Donate!
There is something so refreshing about downsizing your wardrobe and going through all of your clothes mindfully. I think it's so important to donate the items that we no longer wear or use. We all have so much potential in our homes just sitting on shelves or hanging in closets. There are people out there who could need what we have! I have a whole blog post on how I recycle and downsize my wardrobe if you're interested, check it out HERE! You'll love having the extra space!

3. Do A DIY Project
Nothing makes a space feel homier than a nice handmade touch. You'll also feel more in touch with your space if you helped create something in it. If you're like me, you probably have a list of projects that you've been meaning to get around to. Spring is a great season to dust off that list and get to workin' on one!
(Below is one of my latest DIY's blog post to come soon!)
4. Add Some Green To Your Space
Adding some greenery to your space, instantly adds some life! It doesn't matter if the plants are real or fake, in my opinion they all look good! And if you're as bad with plants as I've been in the past, it's smart to opt for an artificial piece. Fred and I had been looking for a bigger plant to put in our living room and we got this one at a thrift store for a total steal!
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Trust in God starts with trusting him one opportunity at a time. 
-Wendy Pope 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Lifestyle | Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection Launch

Hey guys!

I'm so excited to collaborate with Warby Parker on their Spring 2017 collection launch! They have some awesome frames this season and I'm absolutely loving the vibe and inspiration behind this collection. I love the playful boldness of the spring styles, they're absolutely perfect for warm weather. Spring means new silhouettes, new acetates and new classics. These glasses are going to make you excited to get out of bed every morning to go out and live your passions.

I've always been a fan of big, shiny sunnies that are universally flattering and mysterious and this collection has some frames that feel fresh and revived! For their newest releases, they've given a crew of feminine acetate frames all the saturated color they deserve, with blog tortoise shades and violet-tinted lenses. They've punched up their flat-brow sunglasses for a copacetic 1970s look and added a layered treatment to some for additional élan.

Y'all know I love that '70s groove.

I have images of the sunglasses below, so if you wanna check them out just keep scrolling!

My 3 favorite styles + colors are:
Aubrey, Smoky Quartz Crystal with Taupe Gradient lenses
Margot, Marzipan Tortoise with Classic Grey lenses
Pearl, Lapis Crystal with Pacific Gradient lenses
The Warby Parker staff's style picks are: 

What frames are you eyeing? ;)
Happy Shopping!


Christina xx

Now for the sunnies...

Aubrey, Striped Marble with Grey Gradient lenses | Starting at $95
Aubrey, Smoky Quartz Crystal with Taupe Gradient lenses | Starting at $95
Barkley, Oxford Blue Crystal with Classic Grey lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Durand, Deep Sea Blue with Vintage Blue lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses 

Fletcher, Black Matte Eclipse with Olive Green lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Fletcher, Deep Sea Blue with Classic Grey lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Madison, Sky Blue Crystal with Flash Mirrored Silver lenses | Starting at $95

Margot, Marzipan Tortoise with Classic Grey lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Margot, Lapis Crystal with Midnight Gradient lenses | Starting at $95

Moore, Whiskey Tortoise with Bottle Green lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Moore, Sandalwood Matte with Vintage Blue lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

Pearl, Marzipan Tortoise with Classic Brown lenses | Starting at $95, including polarized lenses

 Pearl, Lapis Crystal with Pacific Gradient lenses | Starting at $95

Tilley, Striped Marble with Classic Grey lenses | Starting at $95
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Hebrews 6:19