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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Style | Countdown To Spring With JORD!

Hey guys!

It was so much fun to get these pictures of Fred and be behind the camera for a change. Fred has amazing personal style and I love when we get to capture it! His unique style was on of the first things that I noticed about him when we first met and it still impresses me now! I love that he has fun with his style and takes chances. We are counting down the days to spring around here and we've been doing some spring cleaning and organizing with our wardrobes.

Both Fred and I love to refresh our spring wardrobes with some new accessories. We are both absolutely in love with JORD wooden watches. Fred is going to be wearing this golden camphor and khaki watch all season! Fellas, a wooden watch is definitely the way to go if you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe for warmer weather! Ladies, a JORD watch is the perfect gift for the man in your life. We were both so impressed with the packaging and accessories that come with a JORD watch. The box is seriously beautiful! I think Fred almost loves the box as much as he loves his watch. I love how the watch smells. It has that nice, rich wood scent and I think it smells amazing.

Check out all of their men's watches here!

JORD also has gorgeous women's watches so definitely check them out too!

I have some amazing news for all my readers! JORD is giving away a $100 code, enter HERE  for at the chance to win! The contest will close 3.12.17 at 11:59 pm. 

Hope you're having a great week!
Are you excited for spring? Let me know!


Christina xx

Camphor & Khaki Wooden Watch - JORD
Fitted Dot Button Up - Express
Similar Floral Tie - Nordstrom Rack
Similar Glasses - Ralph Lauren
Similar Brown Belt - Unknown
Similar Taupe Pants - Macy's
Similar Polka Dot Socks - Forever 21
Similar Blue Suede Oxfords- DSW

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Luxury Wooden Watch

Friday, February 24, 2017

Lifestyle | Coffee With C (2.24.17)

Hi guys!

I thought it would be fun to do a "blog coffee date" every now and then on here just to keep you guys updated! I've seen similar type posts recently and love reading them. I find them so interesting to read on the regular blogs that I follow so I thought I'd give one a shot! 

Q: What have you been loving?
A: As always, I LOVE my coffee! I've been loving this organic SkinnyCoffeeClub coffee! It gives a healthy energy boost to my mornings and it helps with bloating too (which I suffer from!). I wanted to try it because I'm always looking for new, organic coffee with a history that I trust. 
And I can't deny, I'm in love with that packaging! Ahh with the pink and the hearts, it's just too cute.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, 
use my code: "bgbychristina" 
to get 20% off!

I'm loving the group prayer text chain that I have going with my family. It's my mom, dad, sister and I it it and we send encouragement and lift up prayers for each other throughout the week. Each person has a day of the week that they lead the prayers and scripture for the group. I've felt so encouraged and connected to my family through this. I would definitely suggest this for any family! It was my sister's idea! Thanks Kac, it's been such a blessing. :)

I love making dinners with my husband. 

I've been loving the unusually warm weather for February that we've been having! I love that that Tutti Dolci line has come back to Bath and Body Works. That was my jam back in the day!!! I seriously can't wait to go smell the new scents.
& I've been loving all bath bombs.

Q: What have you been wearing?
A: I've been wearing a lot of floral prints, especially dark florals. I've also been wearing a lot of hats recently. I think a hat can make almost any look chic! When I'm at home, I wear a lot of yoga pants... like pretty much every day haha. I also have this super fluffy + snuggly pink jacket that I got for Christmas and I wear it all of the time. (HERE is the jacket)

Q: What have you been listening to?
A: Fred and I were given a lot of records over the holiday season, so we've been trying a lot of those out! Last night we listened to the record Best of Burt Bacharach and we love listening to our Born to Die record by Lana Del Rey. I've been listening to some Kayne West, mostly his older stuff. On my Pandora account, I've been listening to Beyonce radio and Kid Cudi radio. 

Q: Where have you been going?
A: Fred and I have been exploring some new places in our city and having some really fun spontaneous dates. We're going on one tonight, but we're not sure where yet. It will be fun to see where we end up! We've both been craving donuts, so my guess is the night will end in donuts. 

Q: What have you been watching?
A: I have gotten Fred to watch Hart of Dixie with me on Netflix! So we've been watching that a couple times a week. I also binge watch my favorite Youtubers! Recently, it's been the channel Ellie and Jared and my girl Casey Holmes.

Q: What have you been reading?
A: The daily devotional that I'm doing is called For Such a Time as This Gospels Volume 2 Comfort from Meditations... longest name ever haha! It's by Northwestern Publishing House. For fun, I've been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K.Rowling. I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't read the Harry Potter series! I've been reading Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn and it is so interesting. It talks through chronic pain and gives wisdom on how to live your life to the fullest in the midst of chronic pain. 

Q: What have you been eating?
A: I've been craving chicken noodle soup! Last night, Fred made a delicious, homemade batch for me. I'm going to eat the leftovers for lunch. I cannot get enough of it. I've also eaten a lot of macarons lately and one can never have too many macarons! With us going to NYC this month, we left with a stash of my favorite macarons (and we ate some while we were there of course). We also had the most delicious pastries for breakfast there! I got a treat called a Plan Au Chocolat and it was soo soo good. It was a pastry stuffed with creamy chocolate. Another day, we both got really yummy scones.  & I've been loving this peanut butter that I bought. It has so much less sugar than normal peanut butter and it's made with peanuts and coconut oil. It is super delicious and tastes like dessert! 

Q: What have you been buying?
A: The last thing that I bought was an iced coffee from Starbucks. I've also bought groceries this week and picked up some items that Fred was out of. I'm running low on some staple hair products that I use almost every day, so I'm going to pick those up soon!

I'd love for you all to answer these questions, or just tell me what you've been loving this month!

Happy Happy F R I D A Y! 
Have a lovely weekend friends!


Christina xx

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beauty | My Current Bath-Time Favorites!

Hi friends!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you already know that I LOVE bubble baths! I almost always take a bath over a shower. Baths are the one moment in my day where I de-stress and relax. I love to light a candle (or two!) and read a good book. Sometimes, I make a cup of hot tea or put on a face mask to really set the tone!  I love relaxing, aromatherapy type scents that make you sleepy because I like to take baths before bedtime and lavender is one of my favorites.

Bath bombs have pretty much taken over the world... Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but they've definitely taken over bath-time items! I mean who doesn't love to drop that little magical bomb in the water and step back and watch it fizz? And they smell so good it entirely changes your bath. Body By Shic make such gorgeous bath bombs. This one I used is their Lavender & Chamomile one and it's made with real lavender buds! It's definitely a must-have for a relaxing bath night.

Here are all of my current bath-time favorites:

1. Loofah Bath Sponge - Target
2. Lavender Shortbread Candle - Anthropologie
3. Lavender & Chamomile Bath Bomb - Body By Shic
4. Take The Day Off Makeup Remover - Clinique
5. Clean Bar Soap - Gift from Sister-In-Law (Thank you!)
6. Eiffel Tower Matchbox - elm & Iron
7. Bathtub Caddy - Anthropologie 
8. Places to go, People to see Book - Kate Spade 


Christina xx

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lifestyle | YUNA YANG FW17 Collection 'Lights in the Shadow' NYFW Show

 Hi guys!

When I first got an invitation to the YUNA YANG FW17 show, I was so shocked! I checked it a few times in disbelief because I could not believe that I was invited! I've always dreamed about attending New York Fashion Week and this was such an honor to me. I couldn't have picked a better show to be my first NYFW show. I love that YUNA YANG has deep meaning behind her collection and tied together social and political issues to her designs and her show. 

The show was on Saturday, February 11th and it took place at The Gotham Comedy Club at 208 W 23rd St. New York, NY 10011. It was incredibly cool that the seating was so casual. It wasn't set up like the average fashion show seating, it had a warm and inviting vibe. There were little tables set up in rows by the stage area and the models actually walked past all of the tables to get onto the stage. I couldn't believe how close they were to me, I could have reached out and touched them! So that made for an amazing experience of seeing the garments first hand. Everything happened so quickly though and because it was very dark, it was challenging to capture all of the looks. Unfortunately, I didn't get shots of all of the designs but I'm so excited with the pictures that I was able to capture. I will seriously treasure the memories of this show forever!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to go to the show because I didn't know what to expect. I had nervous butterflies on the walk from the hotel to the comedy club, but once we arrived outside I became so excited! I couldn't wait for everything to get started. Once my ticket was checked, I got to go inside and pick a table to sit at. Each table had a little gift bag on it (so nice of them!). I put all of my stuff on a table and took a few minutes just to people watch and take in all of the sights. I was in tears because I just felt very very grateful that I was sitting there. It had always been a dream and goal of mine to attend and I was very humbled that my little blog had led me there. 

The show was so inspiring and beautiful. 
I'd like to share what the program from the show said:

"To see a single candle light lit, where all it takes is a small flame to over power the darkness. With such light of power, it will illuminate the unity and strength. Light shines brighter in the darkness."  

Since the Fall of last year, many important events across the world have made the news. In South Korea, President Park was rocked by scandal, with allegations of extortion and improper influence. Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans marched in the streets, with each protestor holding a candle as they called for her resignation. Here in the United States, after the presidential election, we witnessed the largest organized protest- the Women's March. Many women are uniting, not only from different states but from all around the world. This impact of inspiration has seen international reach proving that even in the darkest social or political times, we believe in the power of one person holding a candle. Social and political movements have always expressed their inner light through fashion, whether suffragettes or hippies. YUNA YANG's F/W17 collection pays homage to people who hold on to hope and belief in shadowed times. Yuna's collection features prints with dancing lights and measured shadows. Methods of chiaroscuro, such as black lace and light fabric, bring depth to her designs. 

The concept behind the show was very special to me. Especially the part about the collection being dedicated to those who hold onto hope and belief in shadowed times. I also believe that one candle can light the darkness, so I was very moved by art and beauty of this show. The fabrics used were very rich and there was a luscious mix of textures. Oh and the embellishments were out of this world and I mean OUT OF THIS WORLD! I was swooning over every detail. The show ended in a lovely lullaby sung by a live artist and it was a truly moving moment. I couldn't believe how laid back and sweet Yuna Yang was. I thought it was very special that she stuck around after the show to personally thank her audience. 

I want to say a huge thank you to YUNA YANG for having me, it was a true honor and a dream!


Christina xx

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